Responsible for construction design consultancy.

Pre-design stage

Meet the investor, survey the field and consult about preferences, total investment, “use needs” as well as the direction of the house, the direction of the kitchen. From there, discuss and come up with a plan for the future work. Proceed to sign the design contract.

Stage design

Prepare a preliminary design plan, discuss with the investor about the plan as well as the total expected investment. Edit to suit the needs of the investor. After agreeing, proceed to design the perspective and interior for the project.

Prepare architectural drawings, drawings for construction permits, construction drawings.

Construction implementation phase

Provide technical requirements for the construction of items
Carry out design author supervision
Check the contractor’s construction work, remind the contractor to execute according to the design documents
Participate in site meetings related to design changes or design adjustments to suit the actual construction and work progress on schedule.

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