Project management

1. Pre-construction project management

During the preparation of the project, we will join the investor in the following tasks:

Join the investor throughout the design process.
Replace the investor in managing the designers as well as the design stages.
Control design costs.
Acceptance of design documents, payment confirmation for design consultancy units.
Assist investors in completing legal documents and procedures.
Check the compatibility of the capacity of the construction contractor with the bid documents and construction contracts, including:

* Checking the construction personnel and equipment of the construction contractor and put on the construction site.
* Check the quality management system of the construction contractor.
* Check the license to use machinery, equipment and materials with safety requirements for construction work.
* Inspect laboratories and production facilities of construction materials, components and products for construction by construction contractors.

Check the bid volume and unit price.
Coordinating with contractors to implement the construction.

2. Project management during construction

During the construction process, we will:

Permanent quality control on site.
Cost management.
Directly manage the contractor’s work.
Comprehensive testing and test planning.
Make a plan to purchase materials, approve samples, approve installation drawings and inspect and accept pre-fabricated components.
Safety plan, site security and environmental sanitation.
Report the implementation progress to the Investor.
Coordinate in handing over documents.

3. Project management after completion

After completing the construction phase, the following works will be implemented:

Check and confirm the as-built documents prepared by the contractor.
Coordinating with contractors to prepare project settlement documents.
Monitor the contractor’s performance of warranty work.
Make an application for the grant of project ownership to the investor.

4. Other construction project management services

Based on the needs of customers, FHD will discuss together to agree on the content of the work. Depending on the different complexity of each project, FHD will have an appropriate specific quote.

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