Beautiful with 2-storey house model with L-shaped roof

Traditional Thai roof, combined with modern architecture, dominant white color. This is a model of 2-storey house with L-shaped roof that is highly appreciated this year.

Design features of the 2-storey house model with Thai roof:

At the request of the owner and the design experience of the architect, this 2-storey Thai roof house is designed with extremely logical and reasonable functions, meeting the necessary needs of the owner.

Functions of the first floor: With a total construction area of 114m2, the first floor is arranged with a living room of 20m2, a 16m2 garage, enough for cars and motorbikes, a 26m2 wide kitchen + dining room, a 13m2 bedroom with a self-contained WC. , at the back is a common WC + drying yard. The area of the land is quite large, so the owner did not build it all, but made the 8m long front yard and the back 8m long as a planting area for the family.

Tuyệt đẹp với mẫu nhà 2 tầng mái thái hình chữ L

Functions of the 2nd floor: The 2nd floor of the 2-storey house model with Thai roof is arranged to reduce the area to 93m2 with 2 bedrooms and 1 worship room. The 2nd floor balcony is arranged quite large as a coffee area for the family.

Tuyệt đẹp với mẫu nhà 2 tầng mái thái hình chữ L

The distribution of functions of the rooms is very reasonable, creating cohesion for the whole family without losing privacy for each space. Let’s see the exterior of the house in the content below.

Exterior of 2-storey house model with Thai roof:

The architecture is inspired by typical Thai architecture with tile roofs of various designs. The design of this 2-storey Thai roof house has a rather large slope. Both increase aesthetics, and have the ability to dissipate heat and resist heat. This is extremely necessary in the summer when Vietnam has a hot and humid tropical climate.

With white as the main color, dotted with a few red painted details along the red brick line to create a delicate elegance for the house. The modern feature of the 2-storey house model is shown quite clearly with the door system and tempered glass balcony. A few green patches of plants in the 2nd floor balcony flowerbed and 1st floor entrance hall create a fresh feature for the house.

Tuyệt đẹp với mẫu nhà 2 tầng mái thái hình chữ L

In terms of function distribution, from the outside to the gate and garage are arranged on the left and the entrance to the house is the right step. The distribution of this separate area will help the family’s living room not be affected by noise and the smell of gasoline, ensuring family safety.


It can be seen that the above L-shaped modern 2-storey Thai roof model does not stop at the architectural beauty but also emphasizes the function to create the most ideal living space to meet the increasing demands of life. now.

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